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Gulf of Mexico: “You’re kidding, right?”

So check this out:

Obama wants to open 167 million acres of ocean for drilling. Here is an article about it in the New York Times. There are a couple pretty big pros–much needed revenue and decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, but GAWDANG are there some cons, the majority of them having to do with perpetuating the destruction of the already-battered environment. I can just hear the Gulf of Mexico (“oh man, not again…”). Poor thing’s just exhausted.

Almost as disturbing as imagining thousands more drilling platforms being built next to the thousands that already exist in the Gulf, is Obama’s increasing weakness on climate change and the environment, and his willingness to compromise himself and the planet in order to please a few Republicans and moderates. After his bogusly weak showing in Copenhagen late last year, one would think that Obama might be slightly more tip-toe-y climate legislation-wise. I certainly thought so, but then again, I also thought he cared more than he apparently does.

The past couple months had me thinking that maybe the Obama administration had rediscovered their testes. I just didn’t think they would lose them again so quickly.

“The Senate is expected to take up a climate bill in the next few weeks — the last chance to enact such legislation before midterm election concerns take over. Mr. Obama and his allies in the Senate have already made significant concessions on coal and nuclear power to try to win votes from Republicans and moderate Democrats. The new plan now grants one of the biggest items on the oil industry’s wish list — access to vast areas of the Outer Continental Shelf for drilling.”

Anyway, make of this what you will. I gotta go get ready for Francais.

I lurve you all.



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Cabo San Orcas

Spring Break 2010!!! WAAAAAA!! Check out the visuals (courtesy of monsieur Jesse a.k.a. J-pod)

Our fool proof beach elevator

Jesse on the beach

Me gazing thoughtfully on as Grover plays his favorite beachy game, "Snappy McWaveEater"

Skyla + Jesse = bestest buds 4eva
Bald eagles!!! 2 of them!!

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First day of school! First day of school!

And I still don’t know what I’m going to wear. Uh oh.

My wardrobe isn’t really what’s worrying me, though. What’s really making my tumtum flutter is my 5 class, 19 credit course load (3-4 classes and 16-18 credits is the average, I think). I mean, I think I can do it. I’m fairly sure. But every one who asks me about my schedule ends up gawking a little and saying “Five classes? Really?”

Yes really.

One of them is band, though, which is really just an excuse to hang out in a room of 60 band kids, the majority of whom are more unabashedly weird than I am. It’s a pretty good time, really. And then there’s French, which means a little bit of studying here and there and maybe the occasional flashcard, but nothing too out of control nutty. My two design classes are what I’m the most stoked for, and then another required Fairhaven course involving social responsibility and relationships and other Fairhaven-y things. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll let you know.

In other news, I am working on a new pair of shoes! This is the left one so far, it’s not quite done. I’ll show you the right one as soon as there’s anything worth showing 🙂

Aight Ima go watch the thunder and lightning for a while before bedsies.

Have I told you lately that I love you all extra lots? Because I do. Extra big lots.

Talk to you later. xoxo Franny

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Upping my hipness, like, majorly

So check it out: this new WordPress jiggy lets me post audio files! Do you have any idea how hip this makes me feel? Really frigging hip, basically.

And since I’ve been working on a new pair of shoes for the past few days that pay homage to a couple of sweet, sassy, sultry soul sistas, Ima keep it in the mood and post a couple of their sweet sassy sultry soulful grooves for you to rock out to. Or maybe not so much ‘rock out’ to as ‘pretend you’re a beautiful, strong, black woman belting out some seriously heavy grooves’ to.

So there you go! Enjoy the Thursday morning homage to the shoes paying homage to the sweet sassy mollasseys of soul! Or jazzy soul, in Nina’s case, and reggae/hippy hoppy/generally just wailin’ on it in Nnecka’s.

Nneka – Kangpe (feat. Wesley Williams)

From her album Concrete Jungle, which I highly recommend checking out. There’s a bit of a Christian thing going on in a couple of her songs, but there’s enough going on musically that it’s more or less a non-event.

Nina Simone – See Line Woman

Mmm… git some a that jazz flute! S’like butta…

NOTE: I’m still figuring out how to be able to play songs by clicking on them (I think I need some kind of media player built in or something). For the moment, just double click on the link and it will download to your iTunes library where you can listen to it wheneva you want!

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I would have a blog-warming party but nobody is here…

Sup homies.

This is purdy much the same blog as, but hopefully with fewer formatting quirks. The old Loamly Goatherd is still there with all the stuff from September, or whenever I first started posting stuff on there, through today. New posts will be written here.

That’s all for the mo, I gotta go dance it out.

Love, Franny

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