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More mud

I have just been alerted of more mud-crawling opportunities, the most notable being the Tough Mudder. Check it out:

Tough Mudder is the TOUGHEST one day event on the planet. This is not your average mud run or boring, spirit-crushing road race. It’s Ironman meets Burning Man: our 7-12 mile obstacle courses are designed by British Special Forces to test all around toughness, strength, stamina, fitness, camaraderie, and mental grit.

Obstacles include log-carrying, rope-climbing, hill-sliding, paddling through underwater tunnels, cannonballing into freezing water, and slogging through various forms of mud. Oh right and running through fire.

Mud-- it's what's for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch.

Some badass mudder f*ckers

So yeah. There’s that. There’s also an after-party with food, beer, and a licensed tattoo artist giving out free Tough Mudder tats (because after a day of sprinting through fire and swimming through tunnels, all I want is a needle stabbing me repeatedly). Oh and a mullet contest. Didn’t come with a mullet? No problemo, just make your way over to the complementary head-shaving station for a little business in the front, party in the back action.

I kind of want to do it. The Mudder, I mean, not the tat (…maybe the mullet?). Maybe I’ll go for it in a couple of years when they’ve ironed all the kinks out of the Seattle race (and after I’ve ironed all the kinks out of my racing/have the balls to actually do it). I think I need a couple of Muddy Buddys and a marathon or 2 in the bag before I can commit myself to training for TM’s primal Braveheart shenanigans. Shit sounds SERIOUS, you know?

Just a friendly reminder...

Ugh in the meantime, I just ate tortillas in about 6 different forms, so I gotta go sleep it off.

I love you lots, world.



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Long distance relationships blow.

Seriously, I don’t know how people cope! My squeeze has only been gone an hour and already my heart is wearing some pretty heavy boots. I mean, yeah, he’s only 4 miles away and I can call and check up on him whenever I want, but STILL! Life without him is so lonely, not to mention sloowwwwww. Trips to the store seem to take forever, and walks to the mailbox are a downright chore without Scott to keep me company. Luckily I only have to endure this agony for about 3 days and then my baby will come back to me and fill the bike-shaped hole in my heart.

Yes, bike-shaped, why wouldn’t Scott be bike-shaped? Most bikes generally are, I think you’ll find, and Scott is, after all, my bike. Scott S. Speedster is his full name and we’ve been going steady for about 3 1/2 years now, with about 8 months on again, off again. We were on a break.

Anyway, Scotty’s in the shop for a few days- poor guy’s crankset done gone and got itself broke (the crankset is what turns the ’round and ’round motion of your feet pedaling into the ’round and ’round of the chainrings, which make the chain go around and around, which makes the rear wheel go around and around. It’s kind of a big deal). The crankset is supposed to be one big piece and Scott’s was definitely not. It was getting some major “play”, as Julian called it. Apparently, getting “major play” when you’re a crankset is not the same as getting “major play” when you’re a human: it’s not nearly as baller status when you’re a crankset. It’s pretty bad, actually.

ANYHOO, Julian and the Wildlife Cycles crew got it on lockdown and I’m getting a brand new, NICER crankset in the mail in 3 days! FOR FREE!!! In the meantime, Scotty is in good hands down at Wildlife and I’ll just have to grow a pair and deal with the pain of being Scott-free for a few days. And not Scott-free in a fun way. Scott-free in a bummer bikeless kind of way.

But absence makes the heart grow fonder (or as my dad would say, absinthe makes the fart go Honda), so hoorah.

K bye. Love you and stuff.


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3 excuses to crawl through mud

This is a list of things I want to do real real bad:

1. Muddy Buddy Ride & Run: You, a buddy, a bike, 7 miles, 5 obstacles, 1 huge Mud Pit. One buddy starts on the velo, the other on foot. The biker gets to the first obstacle (big rope wall net thingy, huge inflatable slide thingy, balance beam, something of that ilk), hops off the bike, goes over/under/through/around&about the obstacle, a d starts running to the next obstacle. The runner gets to the first obstacle, goes over/under, etc. finds the bike their buddy left, and pedals to the next obstacle. You and your buddy leapfrog like this, alternating running/riding to the next obstacle until you get to the infamous Mud Pit at the end of the course. If one buddy gets there before the other, they have to wait in the Buddy Holding Area until their compadre catches up and then the two buddies crawl/slither/backstroke through 30 feet of mud and across the finish line as official Muddy Buddies.

Check out this vid of 2010 highlights.

Tell me that doesn’t look like the funnest, dirtiest, greatest party you’ve ever been to? They have them in big cities across the U.S. but the closest one to Bellingham is in Portland. I may have to start a movement to bring it to Bellingham. It would be huge, no question. Put together the mountain bikers, the cyclocrossers, and the trail runners and that’s already about 40% of the entire population of Bellingham guaranteed to be STOKED on a Muddy Buddy race. The other 60% would probably be down, too. It’s that kind of town.

2. XTERRA: the “original” off-road triathlon. 1.5 km Swim, 30 km Mountain Bike, 11 km Trail Run. It’s a global thing, kind of like the Ironman, so there are races all over the world- Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, and Saigon, as well as tons of regional races in the U.S. Most of them seem to be in Colorado and there are a lot in Georgia and Alabama, but there are a few in Oregon and one in Seattle. A couple of years ago there was one in the Black Diamond/Covington area, but I don’t know if that’s still happening. Of course, there is always that one teensy thing about tris that always gets in the way– the whole swimming thing. I’m pretty sure my breast stroke/backstroke/float a little bit/sidestroke/float some more/repeat medley wouldn’t serve me so hotsy tots in a field of seasoned triathletes. I would have to work on that. And borrow somebody’s mountain bike. But apart from that I’d pretty much dominate. Yep, dominate. Totally.

Seriously, though, check this out- if this isn’t the sickest bike leg of a tri ever invented, I don’t know what is.

3. Cyclocross— ok, so it’s not so much crawling through mud in cyclocross as it is charging through it with a bike slung over your shoulder, but I think it counts. From my understanding, you get yourself a road bike with high-clearance brakes, stick some fat knobbly tires on it, and you’re golden! Well kinda. Then you prepare yourself for an hour’s worth of laps around a contained course full of hills, mud, and barriers that you have to hop over. Some of the hills are pedalable-uppable, but others you have to leap off your bike full tilt and sling it over your shoulder so you can sprint to the top (the remount at the top of those hills looks potentially youchers–one reason I’m glad I’m not a dude). At first the whole thing sounded absolutely 100% bonkers, but the more I look at it the, the less it looks like total mayhem and certain muddy death and looks more like the biggest quad-quaking, lung-raging, heart-bursting rush ever invented. Probably some mud-swallowing in there, too. And still total mayhem. But mayhem I wouldn’t mind trying (and then probs falling on my face HELLA hard, but I do that at least twice a day anyway so why start caring now?) PLUS, there’s a major local cyclocross scene in Bellingham and across the PNW so I wouldn’t have to drive 5 hours to eat dirt that I could be eating at home like I would with Muddy Buddy and Xterra. AND I bet there are hella badass chicks that do cross, which would be cool because I am always searching for badass girls to kick it with.

Tra la laaa la dee dum doodle dooooo, so much sweat and mud to dream about!! Way good.

Ok I gotta shut my peepers so that I can open them again in 8ish hours. So that I can drink coffee. And go on a run. And sew things on shoes. And drink more coffee. And cue the barby with the hometown homies. God my life is rough.

I love you, world, see you in the morning!



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So many thons


I just registered for the Bellingham Bay 1/2 marathon. It’s on September 26th. I have 44 days.

I can do that, right? RIGHT?!

I mean I have to now, since I’ve paid for it, so that’s that.

I ran 8 miles yesterday, maybe not the zippiest 8 miles I’ve ever run but I ran it and I’m alive, so I should be okey dokey to do 13 in 6 weeks. When Dad and I were training for the San Juan Island 1/2, the furthest we ever ran was 9 and I finished the race in 1h50 and wasn’t even too miserable doing it. So, it’s official: I’ll be fine.

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Covering some distance

Dayum, son, it’s been a hot minute!

Alright so here’s what you’ve missed: Summer classes are over, which means that I finally got to click the ‘Quit Photoshop’ button on my lappie for the first time in 6 weeks. The entire Adobe Suite and I are on a break. It’s okay, it was mutual.

Now I’m getting ready for an art show I’m going to be in on Sept. 3rd, which is gonna be WAY nuts. 11 people, some sick constructed installation pieces, some unbelievable-sounding performance installations, and 4 pairs of shoes. The shoes are me. This is the card:

Cards for the show

In other news, I pulled the trigger on the half-marathon thing, so now I’m all registered for the Seattle halfathon on November 28th! BADABING BADABOOM! Since classes ended a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been killing time by doing 2 workouts a day- usually a  run in the mornings and Bikram in the p.m. A few days ago, though, I switched yoga with a bike ride out around Lake Samish and back and WHOO BABY it was so nice! I’d forgotten how much I love riding. It’s so unrelentingly hilly on Orcas that I stopped going on rides just for the heck of it and only used Scott as Summer transpo. Around Bellingham, though, everything is so nice and reasonably-angled that long rides are well within the range of the possible (I would actually put them more in the range of Glorious and Rather Perfect).

And, in the extra added bonus category, I have officially completed the 2 week running reintroduction phase! You know, when you stop running for a while and then you start again and for 2 weeks there is absolutely nothing fun about it, everything is weird and uncomfortable and your stride is m.i.a? Yeah, that 2 week reintroduction phase. It blows. I’m over it.

It’s been a while since I could worry about how fast I can run 7 miles, not just ‘can I survive it?’. It feels good.

Really fucking good.

But anyway. Yeah. So three cheers for hearts, lungs and quads.

That’s what’s up with me. I hope you’re well, internet world. I’ll post some pictures of the boots I’m working on as soon as they’re less scrappy.



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