Covering some distance

Dayum, son, it’s been a hot minute!

Alright so here’s what you’ve missed: Summer classes are over, which means that I finally got to click the ‘Quit Photoshop’ button on my lappie for the first time in 6 weeks. The entire Adobe Suite and I are on a break. It’s okay, it was mutual.

Now I’m getting ready for an art show I’m going to be in on Sept. 3rd, which is gonna be WAY nuts. 11 people, some sick constructed installation pieces, some unbelievable-sounding performance installations, and 4 pairs of shoes. The shoes are me. This is the card:

Cards for the show

In other news, I pulled the trigger on the half-marathon thing, so now I’m all registered for the Seattle halfathon on November 28th! BADABING BADABOOM! Since classes ended a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been killing time by doing 2 workouts a day- usually a  run in the mornings and Bikram in the p.m. A few days ago, though, I switched yoga with a bike ride out around Lake Samish and back and WHOO BABY it was so nice! I’d forgotten how much I love riding. It’s so unrelentingly hilly on Orcas that I stopped going on rides just for the heck of it and only used Scott as Summer transpo. Around Bellingham, though, everything is so nice and reasonably-angled that long rides are well within the range of the possible (I would actually put them more in the range of Glorious and Rather Perfect).

And, in the extra added bonus category, I have officially completed the 2 week running reintroduction phase! You know, when you stop running for a while and then you start again and for 2 weeks there is absolutely nothing fun about it, everything is weird and uncomfortable and your stride is m.i.a? Yeah, that 2 week reintroduction phase. It blows. I’m over it.

It’s been a while since I could worry about how fast I can run 7 miles, not just ‘can I survive it?’. It feels good.

Really fucking good.

But anyway. Yeah. So three cheers for hearts, lungs and quads.

That’s what’s up with me. I hope you’re well, internet world. I’ll post some pictures of the boots I’m working on as soon as they’re less scrappy.




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