Long distance relationships blow.

Seriously, I don’t know how people cope! My squeeze has only been gone an hour and already my heart is wearing some pretty heavy boots. I mean, yeah, he’s only 4 miles away and I can call and check up on him whenever I want, but STILL! Life without him is so lonely, not to mention sloowwwwww. Trips to the store seem to take forever, and walks to the mailbox are a downright chore without Scott to keep me company. Luckily I only have to endure this agony for about 3 days and then my baby will come back to me and fill the bike-shaped hole in my heart.

Yes, bike-shaped, why wouldn’t Scott be bike-shaped? Most bikes generally are, I think you’ll find, and Scott is, after all, my bike. Scott S. Speedster is his full name and we’ve been going steady for about 3 1/2 years now, with about 8 months on again, off again. We were on a break.

Anyway, Scotty’s in the shop for a few days- poor guy’s crankset done gone and got itself broke (the crankset is what turns the ’round and ’round motion of your feet pedaling into the ’round and ’round of the chainrings, which make the chain go around and around, which makes the rear wheel go around and around. It’s kind of a big deal). The crankset is supposed to be one big piece and Scott’s was definitely not. It was getting some major “play”, as Julian called it. Apparently, getting “major play” when you’re a crankset is not the same as getting “major play” when you’re a human: it’s not nearly as baller status when you’re a crankset. It’s pretty bad, actually.

ANYHOO, Julian and the Wildlife Cycles crew got it on lockdown and I’m getting a brand new, NICER crankset in the mail in 3 days! FOR FREE!!! In the meantime, Scotty is in good hands down at Wildlife and I’ll just have to grow a pair and deal with the pain of being Scott-free for a few days. And not Scott-free in a fun way. Scott-free in a bummer bikeless kind of way.

But absence makes the heart grow fonder (or as my dad would say, absinthe makes the fart go Honda), so hoorah.

K bye. Love you and stuff.



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