More mud

I have just been alerted of more mud-crawling opportunities, the most notable being the Tough Mudder. Check it out:

Tough Mudder is the TOUGHEST one day event on the planet. This is not your average mud run or boring, spirit-crushing road race. It’s Ironman meets Burning Man: our 7-12 mile obstacle courses are designed by British Special Forces to test all around toughness, strength, stamina, fitness, camaraderie, and mental grit.

Obstacles include log-carrying, rope-climbing, hill-sliding, paddling through underwater tunnels, cannonballing into freezing water, and slogging through various forms of mud. Oh right and running through fire.

Mud-- it's what's for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch.

Some badass mudder f*ckers

So yeah. There’s that. There’s also an after-party with food, beer, and a licensed tattoo artist giving out free Tough Mudder tats (because after a day of sprinting through fire and swimming through tunnels, all I want is a needle stabbing me repeatedly). Oh and a mullet contest. Didn’t come with a mullet? No problemo, just make your way over to the complementary head-shaving station for a little business in the front, party in the back action.

I kind of want to do it. The Mudder, I mean, not the tat (…maybe the mullet?). Maybe I’ll go for it in a couple of years when they’ve ironed all the kinks out of the Seattle race (and after I’ve ironed all the kinks out of my racing/have the balls to actually do it). I think I need a couple of Muddy Buddys and a marathon or 2 in the bag before I can commit myself to training for TM’s primal Braveheart shenanigans. Shit sounds SERIOUS, you know?

Just a friendly reminder...

Ugh in the meantime, I just ate tortillas in about 6 different forms, so I gotta go sleep it off.

I love you lots, world.



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