Standing Room Only

  • SUCCESS!!! The show was excellent!In case you missed it, here’s a taste of what went down
  • – A smashing dance performance by the Banana Splitz, complete with 60’s beach grooves, incredible costumes made by expert seamstress Lenae Day, and an enormous pink foam sandcastle.

– Maryanne Miyashiro held it down long-term in her mini living room, getting ready for a night out in slow mo whilst pounding Miller High Life in alarming quantities

– Tim Kenney, Aimee Biggerstaff, and Maryann performed a semi-improv melodrama in 4 acts titled “If All of Us Keep Talking, One of Us Will Have Something to Say”, centered around 1 story retold 4 times at increasingly loud volumes, all the while pounding more High Life.

– Niko Ritter put on a sick show in a side room that involved black lights, neon masking tape, beat boxing, a harmonica, some spoken word, belly dancing, and lots of glow in the dark body paint. It was awesome. And weird. Awesomely weird.

– 3 sound pods set up by Aimee, Kelly Bjork, and Megan Harmon. Aimee’s pod housed a tape recorder, headphones, and a wall of pockets holding tapes of rando conversation Aimee recorded. Most of the recordings were of all of us during the many pre-show work sessions we had at Tim and Aimee’s apartment. Kelly’s pod had a comfy chair where one could take a load off and relax to the sultry sounds of her uncle wax lyrical about conspiracy theory, government spy cameras, and how he is probably a prophet. The walls of Megan’s pod were silkscreened with rando snippets of conversation she overheard and remembered to write down.

"It's okay to like Death Cab"

Kelly, Aimee, and Megan's sound pods

Aimee's smorgasbord of completely rando recorded conversations

– A kickass double-mirrored photo installation by Adam McRae (2 mirrors facing each other– definitely messes with your eyes more than a little bit)

– 11 human exoskeletons made out of saran wrap and packing tape constructed by Tim Kenney

  • Suspended saran Tim

    Saran Adam kickin it old school

  • 3 crucified ceramic squirrels covered in real cat fur made by Aimee Biggerstaff.

    Aimee having a religious experience

– 3 pairs of shoes crafted by yours truly.

  • Nina Simone & Nneka

    I have no business wearing this much soul on my soles… but Imma do it anyway
  • If Raggedy Ann was an exotic breed of Peafowl, I'm fairly sure this is what she would look like.

    SaranFran and her gravity-defying Beanie Baby boots


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