Ridin’ dirty

This morning marked Team Canine’s first inaugural Chuckanut Century ride and OOOH BABY it was EPIC!!! I don’t use the word ‘epic’ lightly, either– I reserve it solely for truly gritty and savage badassery. Nothing less than full on Braveheart shit should be deemed truly epic, and I think Dad and I did William Wallace proud today. 5 hours, 62.3 miles, 2 punctured tubes, one semi-frostbitten hand, one finicky cleat, and approximately 25 zillion grams of carbohydrates, all in a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. Seriously, it started around mile 8 and did not stop. Mile 35 saw a little thunder and lightning. It was nuts. Hella damp and HELLA FUN. I mean, once you’re wet, you’re wet, so after the first 10 miles or so the rain just makes things more… well… more EPIC. I was smiling like a fool for most of it. Free snacks every 30 miles didn’t hurt, either. Neither did the salmon burger with spicy mustard and piping hot french fries waiting for me at Boundary afterwards, or the post-ride hug from my homie Vince, who was on host duty.

Not a bad day, right? NOT EVEN, SON, I just got started!

After a steamy shower and a shot of Vitamin C(offee), both mini-miracles in themselves, Dad and I went to the Bakerview animal shelter to pick up the 5 kittens that the Orcas shelter is taking off their hands. The Bakerview shelter recently got flooded with 60 kittens that were rescued from a shack somewhere out in the county a few days ago, and the Orcas shelter offered to take a few in. The Orcas shelter doesn’t get many new animals, and when they do a lot of the time they are older, so when baby animals of any species come into the shelter they get adopted like gangbusters. It’s a good deal all around! And today Dad was the cat chauffeur, so Ben, Kerry, Dad, and I got to play with kittens. Very small fuzzy kittens. GAWD my life is rough.

After Dad left with the kittens, I fiddled with my new (used, craigslist) mountain bike and some WD-40 for a while and got nice and greasy, and then Kerry’s lasagna came out of the oven (homemade tomato sauce, fresh homemade pasta, fresh basil, an herbed ricotta concoction Kerry whipped up, and more sauce ladled over the top) came out of the oven. DELUXE. After that we had a little more coffee and some dark chocolate and blasted our Seattle hip hop mix for a while before walking down to junk beach with Ben and Martin to watch the sun set and listen to the glass tinkle in the waves. Back at home we listened to some Hall & Oates on vinyl and ate mint choco chip ice cream. Now I am tired, full, and very happy. Today was a very good day.

My life is great.

I love you, world. Go on wit your bad self.

big squeezy hug,



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