Hurray beer!

FINALLY!!! After more than a year of procrastination and multiple declarations of “This weekend! We’ll do it this weekend!”, we finally did it. We brewed us a batch of beer. October Ale, to be specific (Toby for short). Myrtle St. Brewery is officially OFF THE GROUND!

We used a recipe from our local brewing supply store, North Corner Brewing Supply. My experience with brewing supply stores is fairly limited, so I cannot with any authority put North Corner in the top 5 brewing supply stores West of the Mississippi. My qualifications DO allow me, however, to comment on the above-averageness of a few of North Corner’s very important qualities. The attractiveness of it’s employees, for example. I’d give it about a 9.3 out of 10 (brewers are babes. Tall, scruffy, Carhartt-wearing babes.) Atmosphere: 9.4 (the bins of grain, the vats of extract, shelves full of bulbous glass bottles, the crunch of grain under one’s feet… WHOO baby! The place is sweet. Literally. Malt and dextrose everywhere.) Location: 9.1 (it’s downtown and you can see the bay through the building’s many large windows.)

North Corner has all of their recipes posted online as well as hard copies in the store, both free. The recipes include a brief description of the finished beer, an ingredients list, basic instructions, and a price tag for a batch’s worth of ingredients.

Below is a visual account of Ben and my adventures in Beerland for your viewing pleasure.

Stay tuned for updates on Toby’s progress and pictures of the total mess that is sure to be bottling day. Then, when Toby’s finished, I’ll holler and we can all get sloshed!

Cheers, everybody, I hope you are all well.

Love, Franny


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