It’s the end of the quarter, suckazzzz! You know what that means…

Aside from putting off writing a paper on fermentation and studying for a production exam, which goes without saying, it means one straight month of makin stuff and doing things! Heck. YES. I’ve got a Spring road racing season to train for, a couple of  pairs of shoes to funkify, a spring design portfolio review to stress out about, and nothing but time to do it all!

I’m also planning a few other Winter break projects:

Cabbage + Cabbage + Carrots + Daikon + APPLES?!

= kimchi

Ginger     +      yeast     +      honey   +   water

= ginger champagne

Bikes      +      hella dirt    +      mountains

= quality time up at Galbraith

And probably some other stuff. Like a worm bin or 3. I think my bro’s coming up soon so we’ll do some rabble rousing around and about for sure. We will rouse rabble. If anyone wants to make kimchi or sauerkraut or kefir or anything, holler at a player and we’ll ferment a revolution (see what I did there? I replaced ‘foment’ with ‘ferment’ because ‘ferment’ sounds like ‘foment’ but they mean different things. Anyway.) And I’m always looking for partners in shralpage up at Galby, so get at me and we can go eat dirt together.

Keep it rill universe! May everything you are be filled with love and light.



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  1. Sorry for the weird formatting, every time I fix it WordPress changes it back to this mess. C’est la vie, je suppose.

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