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Manatees, Montana, Bikes, Beer

So here is something new that you didn’t know about me (you can’t have known because I had no idea until 3 days ago): I really like manatees. A lot. I’m writing a paper on them right now for my Culture and Ecology of Mesoamerica class. I could talk about manatees all day. I’m not going to do it here, though, because I’m already doing it in powerpoint and essay form elsewhere. I’ll tell you about them later.

In other news, Myrtle St. Brewhaus is brewing batch #3 today! Toby (the October Ale) was surprisingly AWESOME and we’ve pretty much gone through all of it now, so a few weeks ago we brewed a pale ale, and today we’re re-racking the pale ale from the primary fermenter into the glass carboy so we can start a stout this afternoon. WHICH REMINDS ME: Fellow Hamsters– if you have any empty pop-top bottles laying around, we would love to take them off your hands.

Oh and MORE cool stuff! Check this out: Wild Rockies Field Institute Cycle the Rockies: Energy and Climate Change in Montana

  • Visit facilities using or producing biodiesel, wind energy, solar power, geothermal heating, and biofuels.
  • Examine fossil fuel technologies and impacts at coalfields, power plants, and oil refineries.
  • Tour a hydroelectric dam.
  • Visit ranchers, land managers, and farmers who are facing the impacts of climate change along with various opportunities for energy production.
  • Meet local and state officials working on state energy and climate policy.
  • Explore “green” energy-efficient buildings in Billings and Central Montana.
  • Talk with Glacier National Park scientists about the regional impacts of global warming.
  • Read and discuss a wide selection of current articles on energy issues and climate change.
  • Complete academic assignments designed to integrate our experiences and learning.
  • Present experiences and learning in open forums using electronic media and public presentations.
  • Become competent bicycle travelers.

ALL ON BIKES!!! Can you imagine seeing Montana on a bike? Holy guacamole. Especially if you get to do this:

…after meetings with energy and climate policy experts at the state capitol in Helena, we will turn north along the impressive Rocky Mountain Front to Glacier National Park. We’ll cycle over the Continental Divide, spending time with climate scientists and park managers in Glacier before ending in Whitefish with a public presentation

Drool. Drool drool drool. Ima have to think about this some more. Oh and it’s all for college credit. Mwahahaha.

All of the other courses they offer sound rad, too. I wouldn’t mind kayaking in Alaska. Or backpacking through Yellowstone. Or kayaking and backpacking in Montana. I haven’t been backpacking since freshman year orientation in Prescott, and I’ve been craving another trip for a while now.

Speaking of playing outside, it’s shaping up to be a stunner of a day so I’m gonna go down to the water and maybe run a little bit.

I hope your day is GREAT! Learn something new about animals today if you can, it does wonders for ones heart. If you’re not grinning like a goof after one look at the manatee wikipedia page, clearly something is amuck and you need something stronger. Come find me and we’ll go bounce on the bouncy thing in the park. If that doesn’t work I’ll set you up with some coffee and pictures of adorable animals hugging.

I LOVE YOU ALL A LOT! Love and light,



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