Easy Does It

It’s crunch time again! For me, crunch time is any time I’m too busy to go to yoga. This weekend it meant going to bed at 1 two nights in a row and spending more time than usual at school. Booking a few hours in the art department has taught me that what I call crunch time is what most people call EVERY DANG DAY. Seriously. There are people in the computer lab right now gearing up for their 12th all-nighter of the quarter like it’s nothing. Two late-ish nights and I’m exhausted, walking around the art dept. wondering “where am I? what day is it?”. The latest I’ve gone to sleep IN MY LIFE is 3:30 am. I did that like once.

I’ll never make it in this major.

I’m going to bed.

For those of you not in bed, I salute you. Yall got brains of steel (and eyelids of helium). Easy does it, though, please don’t hurt yourselves. Here are some tunes (in order of get stoked-est to sustained focus-est).

Fresh Espresso – Diamond Pistols

Madcon – Beggin’

The Physics – The Let Go ft. Ike James

RJD2 – Ghostwriter

The Noisettes – Sometimes

I hope yall get to sleep soon, you deserve it.

love Franny


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