Not Mere Cats


I get to do an independent study in ‘experimental bookmaking and screenprinting’ this quarter and while planning it today I had a REVELATION: meerkats. Eggsellent.

I’m way stoked it’s going to be Fun with a capital F.

Family meerkats

Baby meerkats

Congested meerkat

I’m on my spring break at ze moment and I’m spending it going to yoga, planning my ISP, watching Masterpiece Classics on Netflix, and blasting tunes through the empty house. Not a whole lot going on. Ooh wait I did take Scott’s front wheel to the bike hospital this morning to replace it’s crunched axle and skewer, that was exciting. I had to take a nap afterward it was so exciting. I have never been so content to be bored as I am right now. Iz berry nice.

Snippet of soundtrackage: SPRING BREAK 2011 E. MYRTLE GOIN BUCKWILD Leisure Suit edition:

Jovi Rockwell – Rizzla

Das Rascist – You Oughta Know

Delta Spirit – Bushwick Blues

Tennis – Marathon

Naughty By Nature – Feel Me Flow

Those Dancing Days – I’ll Be Yours

'I smiled last time.'

SO. I am happy. I really REALLY hope that you are, too. And I hope your spring is off to a wonderful start! Mine is for sure.

Lots of warm balmy* spring time love from the Belli!


P.S. Did yall see the moon a couple nights ago? HUGE! Totally incredible.

*50 degrees and SUNNAYYYYY babaayyyy


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