Love Notes

You know those moments when you are going about your business, doing something average, and all of a sudden your heart feels like it’s glowing and starts to warm and expand like it’s a firefly or a cinnamon bun you just took out of the microwave? And then you are overcome with that feeling of “holy MACKEREL life is gorgeous” and want to hug a stranger?

I like to think of those moments as love notes from the universe. Wink-wink nudge-nudges reminding me of my love affair with life. I am starting an experimental record of those moments. Moments when I feel grateful for more than everything.

Saturday, Feb 5 6.30 pm Walking home from the best yoga classes in a while, talking to my mom on the phone, stopped at the top of High St. to watch the lights turn on in the houses on Alabama hill. One of my favorite views of Bellingham.
Sunday, Feb 6 

2.00 pm

Coffee and a walk with my girl Rachel. Junk Beach and train car graffiti (no tagging, just research). Discovered technical train vocabulary is surprisingly wonderful—yokes, knuckles, coupler, hatch, slide, shoes, and something with two Bs and an H that I can’t recall.
Sunday, Feb 6 

5.10 pm

Making a color test sheet for production, lying catywompus across the couch, looking out the window admiring the indigo sky. Wearing enormous headphones, listening to Hype Machine, learning new stuff, quinoa in my future.
Tuesday, Feb 8 

11.30 am

Rice Chex, coffee, and lots of things to do.
Thursday, Feb 10 8.00 am Bluebird day, horrendous head cold on its way OUT, fell asleep last night with my hair wet and now it looks funny, parents stopping by later with the dogs and soup, print show tonight! Tra la la boomdee ayyy
Friday, Feb 11    8.35 am Incredibly inspired by photos of Zapatistas, especially the women. Stencils, screenprinting, and wheat pasting on the brain. Been a while since I’ve been stoked like this. It feels good.
Monday, Feb 14 2.30 pm Handing out valentines giraffes to strangers is one of the most wonderful  feelings on the planet. Handing out valentines giraffes to non-strangers is pretty spectacular, too. I LOVE YOU, UNIVERSE!!!
Tuesday, Feb 15 8.30 am Still too phlem-y to go to yoga this a.m. Bummer. But it is a gorgeous day and there are giraffes to stencil and a letterpress print of an origami frog to plan and a presentation on Mesoamerican textiles to research. On a scale of 1-magnif I’d give my life a pretty frigging genius.
Thursday, Feb 17 8.00 am I’m going to yoga, suckers! And it’s raining super hard which is nice to listen to and walk around in. Wait holy cow I think it might actually be snowing. I’ll be danged. So yeah, yoga, snow, home this weekend, stoked on my book-making independent study next quarter, grateful to be feeling grateful and toasty warm.
Tuesday, Feb 8 7.50 am 

Happy birthday, big bro!

Stoked on 2 days of sunshine this weekend, hoping this morning’s blue skies last all day (and tomorrow). Dreaming of stop-motion, stencils, pufferfish, and a summer of dirt under my fingernails. Grateful for this new day
Monday, Feb 28 9.00 pm Nutty day. Grateful for a family that loves each other a lot.
Wednesday, March 2 1.00 am The art department and everyone/thing in it.
Wednesday, March 9 7.00 pm Salmon.
Saturday, March 12 8.45 pm Yoga, ginger snaps, arrived in in art dept at 9.00pm to a full-on campout in the lab complete with donated chips, salsa, cookies, fruit, pizza. and a very big jar of peanut butter. SLUMBER PARTYYY
Tuesday, March 15 2.15 pm Done with the quarter. New purple shoes. Found excellent acupuncturist. Release
Thursday, March 24 6.30 pm Glorious day of sun, dirt, and asparagus crowns. Dream job with dream people!

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